What makes us different?

We don't just apply scientific concepts to exercise, we mold our workouts to the latest scientific discoveries. This is all well and good as a catch phrase or tag line, right? Well with Kratos, what it means is that we bury ourselves in kinesiology, biochemistry, and genetics to find the best movements to change and build your body. We start from the ground up and use a system that will keep you challenged without knocking you out due to painful muscle or ligament tears. Just take a look below to see how each of the three main sciences are applied in our programs.


When it comes to Genes, there are two main groups out there. There are those that believe that genes cannot be changed or manipulated in any way and whatever you are born with is what you're stuck with, and there are those that are trying to sell you the latest placebo pill that will change your genetic makeup for you. Here's the truth behind the veil, genes are permanent but the way they express themselves are not. Think of it like this, your genes are like the light source to a projector and what's known as epigenetics or genetic expression is like one of those old school negative film strips placed in front of that light. You can't do anything about the light, but you can change the image that it throws by changing the slide. Not everything in our genetic coding can be manipulated in this way, but there is a lot that can be changed. The difficulty is that sometimes these things take hard work over time...a long time. Our research focuses around making healthy changes through programmed diet and exercise. It uses the human body's powerful tools of adaptation to make long term change that studies indicate can be passed down genetically to your children. Its real change that can really last which is why it is the cornerstone of all of our programs.


If genetics is the cornerstone, consider biochemistry to be the capstone. All of the advances that you can make in a gym are encompassed into biochemistry. Why does lifting weights build muscle? Because of a biochemical reaction when the muscle fibers tear.