Upcoming Events!

Scioto Saturdays!

When: Every Saturday at 11:00 am (weather permitting) from now until the end of September.


Where: Scioto Audubon Metro Park in Downtown Columbus.

Cost: Free!


Come out and join us for our Kratos community event, Scioto Saturdays! There's no cost to partake in this, the only thing you need is determination and a sense of adventure. Scioto Audubon park is home to a free military style obstacle course and outdoor climbing wall. We meet at the obstacle course at 11:00 and make our way over to the climbing wall at 12:00. Whether you're new to the park and new to fitness or a seasoned pro come out and show us what you've got!



Name Scioto Audubon Metro Park

Street 400 West Wittier Street

City/ZIP Columbus, Ohio 43215

Email: DavidSmelker@KratosSports.net

Text: 614-296-4758